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Village Naturals Bath Shoppe

Village Naturals Bath Shoppe has been trusted for many years to deliver high quality, luxurious bath and body products including Milk Bath and Body Soak formulas. Hand-selected moisturizing ingredients paired with inspired fragrances and extracts deliver an ultra-softening and intensely hydrating experience.

Village Naturals Bath Shoppe The Next Fragrance

High Quality Ingredients

Bathing and showering are about more than just getting clean, they are perfect opportunities to pamper your skin. We have carefully hand-selected beneficial and effective ingredients that will result in glowing, radiant skin. Gently cleanse your skin with our formulas enriched with essential oils, extracts, moisturizers and nutrients to ensure your skin is soft and well-hydrated. Both our Milk Bath and Body Soak contain a signature blend that has been proven to restore lost moisture and elasticity.     Learn More

Our Products

Are Available Online

Make shopping easy by purchasing the Village Naturals Bath Shoppe products you love online from the comfort of your own home. Order items on amazon.com from The Village Company to receive free shipping on orders over $35!

Are Made in the U.S.A.

The Village Company is proud to say our products are made in the U.S.A. Our Milk Bath and Body Soak are made in Chaska, Minnesota.