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DIY Face Mask: Honey + Lemon


Instantly give your skin a boost by making your own facial mask from ingredients you probably already have at home. All you need is a lemon and some honey, preferably raw, organic honey but regular will do just fine. This mask is suitable for all skin types but please remember to always perform a skin test with the formula prior to applying it to your face to make sure there is no reaction.

Start with a freshly cleansed face. Pull your hair back away from your face, as this mask is rather sticky. In a bowl, mix the juice from ½ of a fresh lemon with 2 tsp. of honey. Carefully apply the mask to your entire face, avoiding the eye area. Allow the mask to sit for 15-20 minutes so your skin can fully benefit from all the healing properties that lemon and honey have to offer. Follow with a warm rinse and a splash of cold water to close your pores.

Your skin should feel impeccably soft and have a healthy, radiant glow. Treat yourself today to this super easy and highly beneficial facial mask. Your skin will thank you for it!

Honey + Lemon = Happiness for Your Face
• A gentle cleansing agent
• May help to smooth, brighten and even out skin tone
• May help to clear acne, reduce redness & soothe minor irritations
• May relieve dryness; honey is a humectant so it hydrates skin
• Minimizes pore size
• Gives skin a healthy, radiant glow