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Why Choose Village Naturals Bath Shoppe?

Shopping for bath products can be a bit overwhelming when you are standing in the aisle staring at a sea of bubble bath and body wash items. What makes Village Naturals Bath Shoppe stand out amongst the other brands? Why should you choose our products over the others? Simply put, our superior formulas include hand selected; high quality ingredients that help hydrate, soften and rejuvenate your skin. The invigorating aromas fill the air creating an environment that helps enrich your bath time. Offered at affordable prices, you will be able to transform your bathing experience into a spa escape.

Our rich, milky formulas of Milk Bath and Milk Bath & Body Wash wrap you in long lasting, silky soft bubbles. Premier ingredients including Shea Butter, Milk Protein and Vitamin E help in restoring moisture to your skin leaving it feeling ultra soft and supple. Refreshing fragrances will help calm your mind and body, while also lingering delicately on your skin.

Our Bath Salts signature blend of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt and Vitamin E was created to help open your pores, detoxify your skin and stimulate circulation. The combination of these outstanding ingredients helps to energize your skin and balance its moisture. Submerge yourself in a warm bath using this luxurious salt blend and relax as your skin starts to soften and restore.

Village Naturals Bath Shoppe is a trustworthy brand that offers luxurious bath products at affordable prices. We continuously test our formulas to assure the best ingredients are being used and our high standards are being met. We take pride in the products we offer and feel confident that you will enjoy the many benefits they have. We would love to hear what products are your favorite and why.