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DIY Window Box Bathroom Storage

Fall is great time to prepare your home for the holidays and entertaining. One location of your home almost every guest will see is your bathroom. We love DIY projects, and found some simple yet brillant organizing tips to help reinvent your room and de-clutter your space! We’ll be highlighting a project presented by a very talented and creative blogger, Carmel at Our Fifth House, once per week for the next four weeks. Please check back to read about all the great ideas for organizing your bathroom.

The first tip is all about building additional storage into your bathroom space- DIY Window Box Bathroom Storage! This adds both an element of decoration and function to an otherwise empty space. The boxes are perfect for displaying/ storing decorative bath products, extra rolls of TP and fluffy towels. We love this idea, because lets face it, who couldn’t use extra storage space in their bathroom?

1. First, find a location in your bathroom that is screaming for some decoration help. It could be the back side of your bathroom door or bare wall space.

2. Next, find decorative boxes or containers that could be hung in this space for storage. This example uses wicker window boxes available in the outdoor section of your hardware store. The wicker is a nice compliment, because it brings in a natural element to a space that typically uses hard surfaces and materials.

3. Next, purchase decorative, metal hooks to hang the window boxes from. These are typically inexpensive. You will want to match your hooks to your existing hardware finishes to create a cohesive look. Ensure the hooks are a sturdy enough material to support your boxes.

4. Use a level to help measure/ mark where you would like the hooks to hang in your bathroom. Carmel did not need to use anchors when she hung the boxes, and found they were sturdy without them.

5. Carmel suggests adding a personalized touch to decorate each window box. Her example adds a metal number sign to each box, but some of her other ideas are stencils from the craft store or small, chalkboard labels.

Voilà- you have just transformed an ordinary space into extraordinary additional storage! Fill the boxes with your favorite bath supplies. To learn more about this project and read a step-by-step guide (with great photos), please visit Carmel at Our Fifth House.