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Quick Tips for Organizing your Bathroom Cabinets

We all have secret little spaces that collect clutter in our homes, especially in our bathrooms. We learned some quick tips for organizing your bathroom cabinets from the master organizer/ creative blogger, Carmel at Our Fifth House.

1. First, empty out the clutter in your bathroom cabinets and drawers. Get a fresh start in these empty spaces by lining them with pretty drawer paper. Carmel recommends ending the lining about an inch shy to make swapping out liners easier.

2. Next, create additional space by adding wire shelf heighteners. You can find several sizes and varieties at most home improvement stores. This will add an extra shelf for storage to large, open spaces like the area below your sink. Another benefit is these shelving units do not require installation, so you can move them around as your needs change.

3. Find decorative containers, baskets and tins to fit your items. Categorize your bathroom items, and give each category its own space. For example, all hair items should be in one basket, make-up in another…  This will keep your items organized and reduce the amount of time it takes to get ready for the day.

4. Carmel suggests using smaller containers, like ramekins and bowls, for inside narrow drawers to organize items.

5. Now that you have the cabinets organized, focus on cleaning and sprucing up the outside of your storage areas. This may include purchasing new knobs to replace the older ones on your vanity, or purchasing a new rug and shower curtain to freshen up the room.

To learn more about this project and read a step-by-step guide (with great photos), please visit Carmel at Our Fifth House.