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Lavender & Chamomile Body Soak


Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Lavender Body Soak

Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Lavender & Chamomile Body Soak contains hand-selected moisturizing ingredients including shea butter, aloe, vitamin e and milk protein to deliver an ultra-softening and intensely hydrating experience. The body soak contains Dead Sea & Epsom Salt to soften and soothe, while the delicate aroma of Lavender & Chamomile encourage relaxation and instill a feeling of tranquility. Let your mind wander to lush fields as your bathroom fills with a soft, floral scent that will linger on your skin.


Directions: Pour a generous amount (we recommend about 3 ounces) under warm, running water. The body soak will gradually dissolve and infuse your bath with skin-softening benefits.


NET WT 31 oz (1 lb 15 oz)

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